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This rare and original, 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 4 speed V code! In the stunning looking Calypso coral red paint color with black deluxe interior, and it's equipped with many special factory options. One of the best Mustangs we have ever layed our eyes on for sure. The car is also well documented and comes with a Marti report and its original window sticker and correct body and vin tags. It also comes with a Ford factory document stating the cars originality and correct pedigree. The car was delivered in late 1969 to dealer Walt Hausly Ford in Pullman Washington, where it was sold to its 1st owner. After that we were told, the car was sold to Texas to its second owner and spend almost its entire live there, what could explain the cars original condition. Later it was sold to a collector in Connecticut, where we located the car. The last owner, because of its higher age, decided to downsize his collection. We estimate all in all this car is a 3 owner car, but that's all according to the last owners' data. But seeing the condition this car is in, we estimate that to be correct.

In 1970 the Boss 302 became legendary because it won Ford the Trans am racing series with drivers Parnelli Jones and George Folmer at the helm. They called it The Boss and for two short years it ruled the muscle car scene in the US, establishing itself as one of the greatest road and race cars of the era togheter with the other T/A legends like the Plymouth's Cuda AAR, Chevy's Camaro Z28 and Dodge's Challenger T/A and than some. It’s one of the most collectible muscle cars worldwide and a car with some real succesfull racing pedigree.

In the 1960s US street lingo, if something was ‘boss’ it was cool, tough, the best. And the 1969 Boss 302 Mustang wore its badge with pride. It launched just four and a half years after the first Mustang was revealed to critical acclaim and record sales. Yearly updates to keep Mustang fresh in the face of tough new challengers from General Motors and Chrysler (particularly the Camaro) resulted in the once lean and pretty ’Stang muscling up, both in body shape and under-bonnet brawn, and the 1969-70 Boss models were the zenith of Mustang styling.

Thereafter, Mustangs became increasingly bloated and anaemic as the 1970s fuel crisis and stricter pollution laws cut horsepower and stylists lost their way; the rippling flanks and thrusting nose of the late 60s/early 70s cars gave way to boxy, bland designs. That early look would not be recaptured until 2005, when new Mustangs were given retro styling.The Boss 302 was launched at the same time as its big-block brother, the Boss 429. Both were positioned as competition specials; Ford wanted to homologate its 302-cuber for Trans-Am and the 429ci monster for NASCAR.

In fact, Ford went wild with engines between 1969-70, offering nine V8s – the ‘economy’ 302, 351 Windsor, 351 Cleveland, 390, 428 Cobra Jet, 428 Super Cobra Jet, 429 ‘wedge’, Boss 302 and Boss 429. For the Boss 302, Ford’s high-compression 302ci small-block V8 was beefed up with four-bolt main bearing caps and redesigned ‘Cleveland’ cylinder heads with bigger inlet and exhaust valves, and ports that allowed the engine to breathe more efficiently.These ‘semi-hemi’ heads were based on the Ford 427ci racing engine’s combustion chambers, and a balanced forged steel crankshaft and forged steel conrods allowed the engine to handle high rpms for sustained periods. These were very special and true race thoroughbred build V8's and its a blast to here and drive them.
A single 780cfm four-barrel Holley carburettor sat atop a high-rise aluminium inlet manifold, while a dual-point distributor, high-pressure oil pump, windage tray and screw-in welch plugs were further indications of its competition intent.A rev limiter was fitted, progressively cutting spark from 5800rpm to 6150, but it was easily bypassed and the Boss 302 could reportedly keep making power up to 8000rpm with minor mods. In the muscle car marketing war, Ford claimed a peak horsepower figure of 290bhp at 5800rpm (the same as the Camaro Z/28), but that was extremely conservative for insurance reasons as we all know now these engines had close to 400hp or more easily.

Two four-speed manual Top Loader transmissions were available: a wide-ratio ’box with Hurst shifter more suited to street and strip use, and a close-ratio unit for racing. Adding to the race or road options list were four diffs: the stock 3.5:1 nine-inch, Traction-Lok 3.5:1 and 3.91:1 and the No-Spin 4.30:1 built by Detroit Automotive. Axles and diff centres were also strengthened to take the loads Suspension was also race-inspired with heavy-duty springs, shocks and sway bar up front, and Hotchkiss-style rear suspension with heavy-duty leaf springs, sway bar and staggered shock absorbers. The left-hand shock absorber was bolted behind the axle and the right in front, to reduce axle tramp under acceleration.

Amazingly for such a high-performance car, braking was still only discs and drums with power assistance. Ironically, the Boss 302’s sexy shape was styled by former General Motors designer Larry Shinoda, who is often credited with coming up with the Boss moniker. When asked what he was working on, he replied, "The boss’s car", a reference to new Ford president ‘Bunkie’ Knudson, who was also ex-GM and had recruited Shinoda to Ford. While the wheelbase remained unchanged at 2740mm, the ’69 Mustang was 96.5mm longer overall to accommodate all the V8s offered, although the big-blocks still had to be shoe-horned under the bonnet.

Shinoda’s ’69 Boss 302 was also one of the first production cars to offer an optional front air dam and adjustable rear wing, and his use of high-contrast black panels, rear window SportsSlats, and go-faster stripes made the Boss a real attention-grabber.In 1970, American Hot Rod magazine dubbed the 1970 Boss 302 as "definitely the best handling car Ford has ever built", and the proof for that was of course there famous winn at the 1970 T/A racing series.

And with 6 race wins of the 11 races (5 by Parnelli Jones and 1 by George Folmer) the car was almost unbeatable. Parnelli Jones, a true American racing legend made the 70' Boss 302 a legend and the other way around. Parnelli who later on also was team boss at Indy 500 and even owned and managed a Formula 1 racing team ( 1972-1976 ) with the other American racing legend Mario Andretti, stated years later that the 1970 Trans am series were one of the tuffest and most competing races he ever attended and his memories about the Boss 302 still made him smile ear to ear.
The immaculate 1970 Calypso Coral red Boss 302 we present to you here is one of these cars that was purpose build to homologate Ford's succes number for the T/A series back in 1969/70. The Homologation rules requered that every official Ford dealer should have at least one of these cars on its showroom floor and Ford succeded in that because the production of the Boss 302 was expanded to the Metuchen plant besides only at Dearborn.
But besides that this car is also a very rare car as it's equipped with many options that most factory Boss cars miss out on as you can see in the below option list. One of the very rare options is the car's V code "dragpack"rear axle with 3,91 rear end performance gears and the additional factory oil cooler thats installed. This extreme rare options (only a handfull ever produced) is something of a mistery as the are not reported on the Marti report. However the code is found on the doortag and the installation itself is a factory piece and also appears to be factory installed and not aftermarket or dealer installed, as the plates that connect the oil cooler bracket are bolted inn and not welded in as some later installed oil cooler packs.

And seeing this cars amazing and original drivetrain we estimate that, as we have seen many times before on Marti repports, this option is a factory orignal piece but it was not registered correctly in Fords or Marti file's. Another common made error is the fact that it was ordered a bit later than the first original car order and then the already filed and booked car didnt get this additional option in its files. But again, it almost certain that its correct for the car.
But there is more that makes this beauty stand out... Its one of 4600 produced with the special close ratio 4 speed transmission and one of only 840 in this color and one of only around 400 with this paint and interior combination. If you add the cars special options its estimated its one of around 10 produced, and how many of these cars will still be around today? In this quality and with its original engine and parts still in tact? A handfull maybe?
The car still has its correct and factory original 302 Boss engine with all its correct features from the original carb, exhaust manifolds, intake up to the oilpan and oilcooler system. However for better handling and driveablity on the highways a new manual 5-speed trans was installed. But the matching number original and special wide ratio 4 speed transmission is rebuild and comes with the car! The 5-speed just has a better overdrive and makes highway cruising a nicer and less fuel consuming feature. But if you want you can install the 4-speed back easy.

The other option allowed on the otherwhise all original car is are the nice alu 17 inch magnum wheels which are designed to look as the original 15 inch steel wheels were designed. Behind the wheels are upgraded vented and slotted Bear disc brakes that makes this car so much safer to drive. Bear brakes are the best money can buy. The wheels look great on the car, and again, there also easy to swap back to the original style ones if you like that better and so are the brakes.

The body, chassis and structure are all rustfree and very original to the car. We cant find any damages or changes to its structure, frame, floors and body panels and everything is just in a stunningly and original factory condition! The special Calypso color paint on the car is also applied very proffesionally and looks stunning with a great shine. The chrome details and the glass are all in very good condition as well. The complete engine and drivetrain were rebuild and checked in our shop and are in great condition. The rare 302 Boss engine appears to be fully original and match to the car and the engine bay is highly detailed and it has all the important factory markings and decalls and inspector check stickers in place. Just an amazing and concours looking piece!

All in all this a very sound, real deal Boss302 for a very atractive price indeed. Its restored and all components and its parts are not only original but also in great shape after more than 50 years!.
We will give the car a complete check up once it arrives and when its ready it will be for sale in our showroom. With its great looking and rare colors, its optional Shaker hood! and rare 8000 rpm factory tach, sport bucket seat interior, the correct rear spoiler and rear window "sport slats" and its extremely rare V code axle set up, all makes this car really stands out and very desirable and collectible. But the car was also built to be driven and enjoyed. As you can see on the pictures the underside of the car is also clean and correct. PTTM will also detail the underside even more, and yet even more close to factory condition. This Boss is for sure one of the best and most honest and solid Mustang we have seen in a very long time.

If you ever wanted to own a very rare and very collectible piece of American muscle car history than here is your change to own one. This iconic and legendary purpose build factory street racer will give its owner great joy and besides that its also a great investment, as these cars will only go up in vallue for years to come, just like the have done in the past.
This car is also not only for show or to have in your collection, but its also a car that was build to be driven and enjoyed. Its close to concours, but not a trailer queen by such. This car drives amazing and really gives you that fantastic 60's and 70'classic race car feeling. The combination of the high winding and powerfull 302 Boss semi-race engine and the manual trans, just makes this car so much fun to drive. Its V8 sound and its special camshaft that gives that "sloppy"idle just top things of in a very special way. Trust us... A boss 302 is one of the fastest and rarest Mustangs you could ever own.

Its for sure a great Boss 302's and PTTM is proud to be able to present it to its clients. Its asking price will be well below its actual market value so it will leave room for its future owner to grow. Here is also a link to another great story about the Boss 302 and why its such as great car to own:

Some of the base factory options for the Boss 302 were :
Special suspension and handling package, Close ratio steering system, Front spoiler, Dual painted rally mirrors, Standard interior with buckets, Hurst shifter, Boss stripes, 15 inch wheels, Power disc brakes,

Some of this cars additional (cost) options are :
- Calypso color paint
- V code 3.91 rear gears & oil cooler
- Boss 302 cui V8.
- Close ratio 4 spd trans.
- Traction lock rear axle.
- Power disc brakes.
- Sport Bucket seats.
- 17 inch alu magnum wheels
- Rear spoiler.
- Front spoiler
- Window louvres.
- Shakerhood!
- Factory in dash tacho

- and more!
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